Ice Cube’s life-appreciation masterclass

Keeping cortisol levels in check like a boss since '93.

Keeping cortisol levels in check like a boss since ’93.

As I’ve mentioned before, most of us who have the free time to mess around on the internet have it insanely easy compared to almost everyone else in the entire history of the planet. But, let’s be honest, that isn’t always easy to remember. Also, being angry about things feels vaguely satisfying, and calming yourself with meditation and ‘gratitude lists’ does feel a bit like the sort of thing hippies do. So when someone asks how your day was, especially on a day when nothing absolutely amazing (getting a new job, meeting Tom Hiddleston, eating a steak the size of your own ribcage) has happened, the easiest thing to do is hit the default button:

‘Okay, I suppose.’

‘Busy. I’m so tired.’


This is not helping. 

Enter Ice Cube.

If you’ve got time, please listen to the seminal work that is It Was A Good Day. Personally, I prefer Girl Talk’s version with the beat from Devo’s Gates Of Steel behind it, but you might be a Cubic purist. Either way, please enjoy these selected lyrics:

No barking from the dogs, no smog
I got my grub on, but didn’t pig out

Had to stop at a red light
Looking in my mirror not a jacker in sight

Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K.
I got to say it was a good day.

For those not paying attention, let’s recap: air pollution was down a bit, Ice Cube ate a modest breakfast, and nobody tried to steal his car or otherwise force him to shoot them. And, yep, that counts as a good day.

You might argue that this is still hippy nonsense, or at least wildly overoptimistic, but you’d be missing the point. Positivity helps. It helps you to be a better person to be around, since you don’t whine as much. It helps your relationships, since you can express your appreciation for what other people do. Life is as good or as bad as you make it, and it’s entirely possible to view things in the best possible light while still trying to make them better. 

And anyway, things aren’t all that bad. Didn’t have to use (or own) an AK? Today was a good day. 

HOMEWORK: Re-read How Was Your Day, then post two good things that have happened to you today in the comments. And this week, when you’re tempted to complain, think of something positive to say instead. Oh, and listen to the rest of that Girl Talk album. It’s amazing gym music.

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  • My father died in February at the age of 85; it struck me at the time, Dad didn’t live to see the world’s problems get solved. I’m pretty sure I won’t either, with that in mind I try to back off on the worry/anger and find something that I really enjoy about every single day.

  • OK, first off I’m a Cube purist. And he mentions that his mama cooked the breakfast with no hog. Can’t have been that good a day.
    Several great things from yesterday: I fixed a shed roof for the first time, and made a banging cottage pie from scratch. I also had the sense to call it a rest day instead of doing my sprints regardless of the stiffness I felt, and as a result felt a lot better and got them done before breakfast (sadly with no hog) today.

    • Excellent reply Chris, and good point. I left that line out because I’m not sure why Ice Cube doesn’t like bacon – maybe at the time he’d been taken in by the saturated fat myth perpetrated by the mainstream media and was worried about his heart health. FYI, I had hog for breakfast today. Things are working out well so far.

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