Questions? Criticism? Want advice? Done something that you think should be mentioned on Live Hard? Please have a quick read of the below, then email me on

  • I’ve got this app/product/feature opportunity…Great! Please let me know about it, preferably including why you think it’s right for Live Hard. It’s a tough demographic to nail first-go, but if you’re a regular reader you should have a good idea.
  • I’d like to write you a guest post. Okay, but do you want to write it for Live Hard, or are you just firing the same pitch at 40 different websites in the hope of getting some extra eyes on your own site? If it’s the latter, please don’t get in touch.
  • I’d like to advertise on Live Hard. I’m not running ads at the moment, but that may change at some point. Please drop me a line and I’ll get back to you.
  • I’d like to run a sponsored post. Sorry, I don’t do these. Everything on Live Hard is there because it works, not because money’s changed hands.
  • I just want to run a bit faster/lift a bit more/get a bit more confident…That’s why we’re here. Please do get in touch.

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  • Hi

    I am the chap that sent you a tweet!

    I’m Maz

    I was hoping you could answer some questions as i am a bit of a fan

    even put it on this blog?

    Shoe Size:
    Favorite feature:
    Guilty Pleasure:
    Favorite Film:
    Favorite Song of the moment:
    Last time you cried:
    Boxers or Briefs:
    Tea or coffee:
    sweets or choc:
    Favorite dish:
    can you cook:
    signature dish:
    what is your coffee shop order:
    favorite clothes season:
    sweat alot in the gym:
    biggest pet hate in the gym:
    Fav workout:
    Fav gym equipment:
    Most used app on the phone:
    Do you dance:
    childhood coming of age film:
    feature you find most attractive in your partner:

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